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Seaford is blessed with a beautiful seafront that sweeps around the bay; encompassed by the striking presence of Seaford Head and the cliffs on the eastern side and Newhaven Harbour with Mount Pleasant in the distance on the western side.


Pictures courtesy of Kevin Gordon.
The seafront is jointly owned and maintained by Seaford Town Council, Lewes District Council and East Sussex County Council. The Environment Agency carries out the reprofiling of the beach twice annually (replacing shingle that has been swept out in to the bay) as the beach acts as a key flood defence for the residents of Seaford.
Seaford seafront is not commercialised and some may say this is its beauty. With the town centre less than a five minute walk away and the exciting projects to come from the Seafront Development Plan, you will not feel a lack of services.
The seafront is home to an RSPB viewing point for the Kittiwakes at Splashpoint, two miles of undisturbed shingle beach (popular with families, fishermen and water sport enthusiasts), a promenade for relaxing walks or bike rides, Martello Tower which houses Seaford Museum and stretching round to Tide Mills at the far western end of the town which are the ruins of an old milling village.
For up to date information on tide times, please visit

Guide to Using Seaford Beach & Inshore Waters

Seaford Town Council and Lewes District Council have worked with the voluntary Seaford Lifeguards to rejuvenate the Guide to Seaford Beach & Inshore Waters.
This is now available to download by clicking on the image to the right or hard copies can be obtained from the Lifeguards themselves, who patrol the beach every weekend day during the Summer months, or from the Tourist Infomation Centre on Church Street in Seaford.

Share with Care Cycle Scheme

Seaford seafront offers a Share with Care cycle scheme, where walkers and cyclists are encouraged to use the promenade together. There is clear signage along the promenade to guide cyclists and walkers alike to help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. 


Seaford Bay Exercise Path

Seaford Community Partnership created an exercise path leaflet, with support from the Council.

The Seaford Bay Exercise Path starts at Splash Point and covers a distance of five miles taking walkers, joggers and cyclists on a round trip from Splash Point, along the Promenade and through the historic remains of Tidemills. 

To download a copy of the leaflet, please click on the image to the right or visit the website , which also has details of other local walks in the area.

Dog Ban Bylaws

Visitors to Seaford seafront should be aware of the Dog Ban bylaws that exist along parts of the seafront, please click on the image to the right to see the poster in more detail.
Lewes District Council operates the Dog Wardens within the area so any concerns regarding dogs on the beach should be reported to them on 01273 471 600.


Seaford Town Council Position Statement on Motorhomes and Caravans on the Seafront, Seaford


Current situation

Seaford Town Council receives numerous complaints relating to motorhome use on the Seafront, more than on any other subject matter. These complaints come from two main groups namely local residents who do not want motorhomes near their premises and in particular free long-term parking to live in. The second group is motorhome owners who wish to visit Seaford, in particular the Seafront, but find they cannot park there and are then pushed into residential streets where they can park, with no view. These locations are close to residential properties which creates resentment from those residents who in turn occasionally complain. 

Many residents contacted the Council about the long-term motorhomes and caravans at Cliff Gardens. There was also an issue regarding the road condition on Cliff Gardens which is owned by The Town Council. It was therefore decided to close the road to enable works to take place once tenders were received and funding in place.

All of the occupants moved amicably to places as far afield as Scunthorpe and Stockport. However, one caravan had a seized wheel so could not be moved as planned. This remains on the seafront at the end of Cliff Gardens where it was dragged to enable Cliff Gardens to be blocked off as planned.  The owner is attempting to get the caravan fixed and move to a new location. The Town Council is in dialogue with him to try and move this forward as quickly as possible.

There have been suggestions to use the Travellers legislation to move this occupant on, however he is not a traveller and is not part of a group of six caravans so this is not possible. The caravan is however his home and he is a very long-term Seaford resident.

In the future a new traffic regulation order will be put in place on Cliff Gardens to better manage the use there by caravans and motorhomes. Previously there was no simple means of enforcement without this in place, hence the time it took to move the last group of visitors referred to above.


For the medium to long term solution Seaford Town Council has looked at the existing Traffic Regulation Orders on the seafront to try and find a compromise solution which suits all parties. This has been done in partnership with East Sussex County Council which as the highways authority is responsible for Traffic Regulation Orders.

Consequently, new Traffic Regulation Orders are being progressed for the seafront which will allow motorhomes to park there but not overnight.

Also new Traffic Regulation Orders for the HGV car park area of the Buckle car park and the Martello car park or part thereof, will enable motorhomes to park overnight upon payment of a fee and limited to one night stay only, with no return within a specified time.

These new Traffic Regulation Orders will be easier to police and impose fixed penalties for any breaches, which is difficult with the current orders. Seaford Town Council does not control the implementation of these but it is anticipated that East Sussex County Council will have them in place for late summer 2018.

Implementation of New Traffic Regulation Orders

The new Traffic Regulation Orders will be published in draft for the public to respond to and will be publicised on Seaford Town Council’s social media and website as part of the Planning Committee agenda. Also, anyone who wishes to keep up to date with all activities at Seaford Town Council can register to receive regular emails by contacting

The first draft Order covering the roads on the seafront but not the car parks has recently been consulted on and was supported by The Town Council except that the draft order did not prohibit overnight parking on the landward side of the seafront on an evening, this has been objected to. The Town Council wish to see the same restrictions on the landward side as the seaward side. Namely that motor caravans are not permitted to park there from 9pm to 8am.        


The siting of caravans at any time on the highway is not permitted in any areas covered by a Traffic Regulation Order, this will be extended with the introduction of the above Traffic Regulation Order for Cliff Gardens and Cricketfield Road in due course.   


The Salts Café
For hot/cold drinks and a variety of food, located just off the seafront in the Salts Recreation Ground, with bistro style seating and the nearby playground and recreation ground.

Frankie's Beach Café 
For hot/cold drinks and food, located between the Martello Tower and the Salts Recreation Ground, with plenty of seating and a sand pit to keep the kids happy.

Martello Kiosk 
For hot/cold drinks and food, adjacent to the Martello Tower with ample parking nearby and plenty of seating on a decked area of beach.
The Shore Break
A café within Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club, at the far western end of the seafront, with ample parking nearby at the Buckle Car Park and boasting a range of homemade food and plenty of seating.

There are concession leases for Ice Cream Vans at splashpoint (the far eastern end of the seafront, at the base of Seaford Head) and at the eastern end of Bönningstedt Promenade, in the parking area. There is also The Salty Seahorse, providing gourmet fish and chip options, located on Bönningstedt Promenade and La Creperie, serving freshly made authentic crepes, on the promenade at the end of Dane Road.




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