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Seaford Town Council was pleased to be able to run its Annual Grants Scheme which ran from 1st April 2019 to 7th June 2019.

Each year the Council extends the opportunity to local community groups, charities or voluntary organisations to apply for a financial grant from the Council’s grants pool to aid them in providing facilities and services for the people of Seaford.

The 2019/20 scheme is now closed with twenty-four applications totalling £47,257.   With a budget of £30,000, the Finance and General Purposes Committee looked in depth at each application on its own merit and in line with the Council’s Grants Policy, nominated awards accordingly.  The council endeavoured to award as much of or the entire amount requested where the necessary criteria had been met, however has had to take in to account the budgetary constraints and ensuring fairness across the scheme.  This resulted in some applicants receiving less than requested and in some cases, it was regretful that applicants had to be turned down.

The total budget of £30,000 was awarded to the various grant applicants all of which directly benefit the residents of Seaford and the Town itself.  The list of the 2019/20 grants awarded can be found here.

The Mayor of Seaford, Councillor Nazish Adil stated “I am so pleased to have met people with the passion and enthusiasm to work for the community and excel in their efforts for making a significant difference with their participation and unconditional empathy for the underprivileged young and older members of the society through their amazing non-profit organisations . It had been a feeling of contentment and pleasure handing the awards to all of you today. Keep up the great work and together, let’s make Seaford a friendly Neighbourhood for each member possible.”

The 2020/21 Grants scheme is due to open in April next year.


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