Many want to better understand how you can make a difference to tackle climate change at a local level, in your own homes – this fair will answer those questions!

On Sunday 1st August, Seaford Environmental Alliance in partnership with Seaford Town Council is hosting a Climate and Environmental Fair on The Salts. Titled 'A Greener Seaford', this promises to be a call to action to address the Climate Crisis, with talks, demonstrations and stalls explaining how you can all play your part to decrease your impact on the environment.

In the wake of the terrible news from Germany and the Benelux countries it is becoming increasingly apparent that urgent action is needed from everyone to prevent these kind of disasters becoming more frequent. Whether it is driving less often, eating less meat, not flying or simply thinking twice before buying something you might not need, every small action can make a huge difference when multiplied by the whole population.

There are also lots of fun ways to get more involved in community action, from food growing to cycling, and you can find out more about some of these by coming along on the day.

Meet groups and organisations working to make our environment a better place to be and those helping to create change for a greener future. There will be information, games and activities, music, story-telling, talks and a climate cafe.

The challenge for the day is to bring a waste-free picnic, with no single-use plastic, to enjoy on the meadow at The Salts. A free, fun and informative day out for all the family. 12 to 4pm.

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