Keeping fit and healthy at any time of the year is obviously very important for all ages. As the better weather is approaching, Seaford Town Council has completed a refurbishment of the outdoor gym equipment in The Salts to give adults an opportunity to increase their fitness – and enjoy some fresh air at the same time.

Shape up on the body twister, take up the challenge of the pull down or jump on a space walker – fitness can certainly be fun as well as healthy! There’s a total of six different pieces of equipment to try, each designed to work different muscle groups.

Councillor Linda Wallraven commented, ‘The outdoor gym at The Salts is a wonderful facility for Seaford residents and it’s great to see so many adults using it to improve their fitness.’

Combine a couple of circuits of the gym with a walk or run along Seaford’s fabulous promenade for a sense of real achievement. More senior residents may just wish to follow the one- or four-mile walk illustrated on the Exercise Path boards located at various points on the promenade.

Seaford Town Council continues to fulfil projects laid out in The Salts Development Plan, focusing on the areas that the community appreciate the most, as well as introducing new ideas and restoring the park as a place to be proud of. Installation of the new skatepark is all set for April and, once funding is in place, restoration of the tennis courts can begin. Two outdoor table tennis tables will be available to use from the spring onward at no charge.

Future projects will ensure that The Salts will reach modern standards for design, safety, access and inclusion.

Outdoor Gym   Pull down challenge

Space walkers   Twister