12/08/22 UPDATE

South East Water has confirmed that it has completed the necessary works at Crouch Lane, the update can be found on its interactive online map.

The advice to local residents is that tap water should now be running - if it is cloudy or white, please run the cold tap until it clears. If it is brown, this is not harmful and is just where the iron has been disturbed in the mains pipes.

Should any residents need to contact them, the incident number is 78152.


If any residents of Crouch Lane or the surrounding areas are still without water following the appearance of the sink hole, South East Water has a general emergency line you can contact - 0333 000 0002 


We're aware that a sink hole has appeared in Crouch Lane, Seaford (on the half of the road by the mechanics/car garage). The emergency services are on hand but asking everyone to keep their distance while they carry out their assessment and necessary next steps - thank you in advance