The Mayor of Seaford welcomes nominations for the annual Mayor’s Awards and this year’s unique Covid-19 Hero Certificates. Do you know someone in Seaford whose service to the town should be recognised?

Seaford Town Council has a scheme for providing civic awards to members of the community who have made their mark on Seaford; whether this be working selflessly for others in the community, bringing credit or positivity to the town, going above and beyond their duties (whether voluntary or paid) or displaying great bravery in the face of adversity.

Nominations for the Mayor’s Awards 2020/21 are now open – closing date Wednesday 31st March 2021:

Having given it careful thought, particularly considering the challenges that 2020 has posed, the Mayor, Councillor Rodney Reed, has announced that the categories for this year’s Mayor’s Awards are:

Award for ‘Health Promotion’ in Seaford including running, walking, healthy eating, and conversations that help overcome isolation.

Award for ‘Sustainability’ in Seaford including minimising the use of water and energy, pollution prevention and control, and ‘greening initiatives’.

Award for ‘Intergenerational Activities’ - promoting relationships between older and younger residents of Seaford.

In addition to the Mayor’s Awards there is a special award made to an individual who has gone above and beyond with their services to the town and its residents. This is the prestigious ‘Don Mabey Award’ for outstanding services to the town, this year including promoting business, community or tourism.

The Don Mabey Award was introduced in 2014 in memory of Don Mabey MBE, a Freeman of the Town and known to many for the significant work he did for the town and its organisations.

The Mayor’s Awards and Don Mabey Award are to be presented during the Annual Town Forum, hoped to be Tuesday 20th April, should restrictions allow. If the Town Forum cannot take place, the Town Council will make alternative arrangements for awards to be announced.

Nominations for Covid-19 Hero Certificates are now open – closing date Friday 29th January 2021:

This year the Mayor will also be issuing COVID-19 Hero Certificates – for individuals (of all ages), groups and organisations that have provided exemplary service, comfort and/or support during the pandemic as it affects Seaford.

The Certificates will be presented by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Jean Cash, during February.

How to nominate:

All nominations, whether for the Mayor’s Awards or Covid-19 Hero Certificates, must include the following:

  • Name of the nominee (individual, group or organisation)
  • Name of the nominator
  • Nominator’s contact phone number and email address (contact will only be made regarding the nomination)
  • A brief paragraph about why the nomination is being made.

There is no guarantee of an Award as a result of a public nomination, but due consideration will be given to all nominations received and all nominators informed of the outcome of their nomination.

All nominations to be emailed to

**Nominations for the Covid-19 Hero Certificates should be received on or before Friday 29th January 2021**

***Nominations for the Mayor’s Awards and the Don Mabey Award should be emailed on or before Wednesday 31st March 2021***