The Town Council has continued to regularly monitor the situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) both locally and nationally since February 2020.

The Town Council has adapted its operations and activities as required during this time to support the Government’s strategy where COVID-19 is concerned and also protect its staff, members and residents from unnecessary risk.

On 21st February, the UK Government announced a new strategy 'Living with Covid' which set out new changes to the existing COVID-19 restrictions and regulations.

In short, the strategy marks a move away from two years of Government intervention towards individual responsibility.

In light of these changes and the strategy now being adopted, the Town Council will be ceasing its COVID-19 specific position statements. If there is a return of restrictions or other similar mandates that impact on the activities of the Town Council, the position statement will be revisited as a useful way in which to communicate how the Town Council is responding.

The Town Council wishes to thank everyone who has shown support and patience as it has been forced to adapt to unprecedented situations over the last two years and wishes everyone well as we now learn to live with COVID-19.