The Seaford Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents were first issued for comment in November/December 2017. The proposals were strongly supported by the vast majority of the public and statutory consultees (such as the South Downs National Park Authority and Lewes District Council’s Planners). However, there was some criticism of the Sustainability Review. Comments from the public on the Plan, as well as from statutory consultees, were taken into account in drafting a revised Plan for a second consultation which took place in November/December 2018.

The responses to the second consultation have been used to revise the Plan further – see Consultation Statement below.

Key Documents

1. Public Notice – This is the offical public notice of the publication of the Seaford Neighbourhood Plan.

2. Basic Conditions Statement – This is a technical report that identifies the legal requirements that must be met and shows how the Plan satisfies these requirements

3. Seaford Neighbourhood Plan – This document has the same structure and main content as the original Plan that was put out for public consultation in November 2017 and again in December 2018.

4. Consultation Statement and Annex A (appendices C D E F) – These documents show: the extensive process of meetings, reports, questionnaires, etc, that have been used to develop the Plan; and identifies the main comments received within the public consultations, gives the responses to such comments and, where appropriate, shows the amendments made to the Plan and other documents in reponse to such comments.

5. Landscape Character Views – This identifies the views which should be protected and gives detailed explanations to the Design Policies SEA 1 and SEA 2 in the Plan.

6. AECOM Design Guidelines – This document identifies best practice for design of homes in Seaford and should be taken into account in proposals for development

7. Lewes Local Plan Part 2, Neighbourhood Plan Habitat Regulations Assessment

8. Sustainability Appraisal – This is an important technical document as Government Policy requires housing development to be sustainable.

9. The Consultation Form

10. Site Assessments – can be found on the Supporting Documents page (by clicking on the relevant block below).