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Adder Sighted at South Hill Barn

Submitted on 05 June 2015 by Council Officers

Adder Sighted at South Hill Barn

Seaford Town Council has been informed by a member of public that whilst walking her dogs on the concrete path to the south of South Hill Barn in Seaford, two of her dogs were attacked by an adder. This sadly resulted in one passing away and another requiring urgent medical treatment.

The Council would recommend that any visitors to site show caution, especially those with young children or dog walkers. It is recommended that in this area dogs be kept on leads as an extra precaution.

The Forestry Commission states that adders are relatively common in areas of rough, open countryside and are often associated with woodland edge habitats. They are also less inclined to disappear into the surrounding undergrowth when disturbed and so are probably the most frequently seen of the three British snakes. The best time to see them is in early spring when they emerge from their hibernation dens.

Adders are protected by law against being killed or injured through human activity.

Picture courtesy of the Forestry Commission.


Most adders are distinctively marked with a dark zigzag running down the length of the spine and an inverted 'V' shape on the neck. Males are generally white or pale grey with a black zigzag. Females are a pale brown colour, with a darker brown zigzag. But some adders are entirely black and can be mistaken for some other species.Adders are not usually aggressive animals however anyone sighting an adder should treat them with respect and leave them well alone. If bitten you should seek immediate medical treatment.

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