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Councillor Resignations

Submitted on 17 August 2016 by Council Officers

Seaford Town Council is sorry to announce that five Councillors have recently decided to resign for varying personal reasons, namely Councillors Campbell, Chambers, Lambert, Murray, and Silvey-Adam.

One factor in common for all Councillors resignations, except for Councillor Campbell, is the realisation that being a voluntary Town Councillor is a very demanding commitment that cannot be entered into lightly. Whilst all five Councillors had their own personal reasons for resigning the time demands of being a Town Councillor was a factor in the resignations of four of the Councillors.

Councillor Carol Campbell has resigned for health reasons following a recent illness. Councillor Campbell was the Deputy Mayor and Chair of Community Services and had been a Councillor since May 2015.

Councillor Rob Chambers has resigned to undertake his studies as a teacher and was Vice Chair of The View and Golf Committee and has been a Councillor since May 2015.

Councillor Debbie Silvey-Adam has struggled to fully participate in the Council activities, despite wanting to, since her election in May 2015 due to illness and family time demands.

Councillor Marion Lambert, a former Mayor, has been a very active member of the Planning Committee since being re-elected in May 2015 following an eight year absence. Councillor Lambert has suffered from some ill health of late which has recently restricted her activity significantly.

Councillor Isabelle Murray has resigned to take a gap year from her full time studies which will include travelling abroad for long periods of time. Councillor Murray was elected in a by election in July 2015 when she was the youngest Councillor in the Country at 18 years and 43 days.  

The five vacancies are currently being advertised, anyone who is interested is urged to take into account that the average number of hours required to be a Town Councillor is in excess of 12 hours per week and that the roles are unpaid.

Details of the expectations of a Town Councillor are available on Seaford Town Councils website.

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