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Financial Budget for 2018/2019

Submitted on 07 February 2018 by STC Officers

Seaford Town Council met recently to discuss, among many things, its financial budget for the 2018/19 Financial Year, which runs 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019.

The Town Council has always been, and continues to be, pleased to be able to keep its element of Council Tax at the lowest in the District and East Sussex compared to all other Town Councils.  Somewhat in contrast, the Town Council has been highlighted for its exciting and unique aspirations within its Strategic Plan, including the improvements to come as part of the Seafront Development Plan. The Town Council dedicates itself to ensuring it can deliver as much as possible for Seaford whilst achieving the best value for money for the taxpayer.

For the 2018/19 Financial Year, the Town Council has increased its Council Tax level by 5.99%, which for a Band D property is £4.13 per year.

With this additional 8 pence per week (for the average Band D property) the Town Council will be able to continue to work towards and deliver the aims within its Strategic Plan. At present, the Town Council is working on aspects of The Salts Development Plan (the tennis courts, skate park, a multi-use games area, the café and more), the Seafront Development Plan (the Martello kiosk and toilet facility, Bönningstedt beach huts, a kiosk and toilet facility at Bönningstedt, sand pits for children, free-to-use telescopes and more), the much-loved community bench The Shoal, the development of the restaurant, bar and function venue The View, the facilities on offer at Seaford Head Golf Course and the delivery of the ever-popular events within the town such as Seaford Christmas Magic and Armed Forces & Veteran’s Day.

The Town Council also works with many partners to deliver and manage certain services and sites in the town, such as; Seaford Head Nature Reserve with the Sussex Wildlife Trust, the Martello Tower with Seaford Museum & Heritage Society, the Crypt Gallery with the Arts@theCrypt Committee, CCTV in the town with Sussex Police, Seaford Head Swimming Pool with Wave Leisure and many more that are a daily part of residents and visitors lives.

In addition to the income/tourism generating activities, the Town Council also continues to help represent the needs of the community and local democracy, for example with the proposed planning developments at the former Newlands School site and the Newhaven Harbour Development, the ongoing issues surrounding the works at Talland Parade and the boundary changes to the local parliamentary constituencies.

The full budget for the 2018/19 Financial Year is available to view on the Council’s website. The Town Council will be publishing an information leaflet, being included with all Council Tax correspondence, to raise awareness of its activities and its aspirations for the coming year.

It should be noted that when receiving Council Tax statements later in the spring, these will state that the Town Council’s element of Council Tax is 6%; the figure payable is however based on 5.99%, this is a printing requirement that rounds the figure up on the printed statement.

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