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Financial Grants Awarded

Submitted on 20 June 2018 by STC Officers

Seaford Town Council Pleased to Announce Financial Grants Awarded

Seaford Town Council was pleased to be in a position to run the Annual Grants Scheme again this year, which has resulted in sixteen local groups being awarded small grants. These groups all carry out valuable work in the Town and help to make Seaford the special place it is.  Small grants are those that amount to under £500; the total awarded for small grants this year has been a fantastic £5,350, all of which will be directly benefitting the residents of Seaford and the town itself.

In addition to the small grants were ten large grants (over £500), totalling £17,650. The details of these will be released separately after a formal presentation has been made to the groups by the Mayor of Seaford and Chairman of the Finance Committee.

An overwhelming £55,048 was requested in total and with the budget being considerably less at £23,000, this resulted in many applicants receiving less than requested and in some cases it was regretful that applicants had to be turned down.

Below are the details of the small grants awarded; the Council is delighted to have been able to help towards all these causes:

Arts@theCrypt were awarded a grant of £200 to contribute towards a new laptop and accounting software.

Bishopstone Parish Hall were awarded £350 to help with the redecorating costs for their hall.

Cycling Without Age – Seaford Chapter were awarded £500 to contribute towards the purchase of a Trishaw.

Epilepsy Sussex were awarded £250 to help fund between 40 & 50 Medi Alert & SOS jewellery bands.

ESAB Seaford (Inner Light) Group were awarded £200 towards transportation and hall hiring costs for monthly meetings.

Force Basketball Community Club were awarded £500 to assist with the planning and delivery of a summer programme of easily accessible sporting activity for all ages and abilities.

Home-Start East Sussex were awarded £500 to contribute towards Reflective Domestic Abuse courses.

Park Run were awarded a £100 contribution towards set up costs required to start a weekly Parkrun Event.

Seaford Community Partnership were awarded £350 contributing towards the administration and general running costs of the Partnership.

Seaford Hard of Hearing Club were awarded £100 to contribute towards speakers at monthly meetings along with transportation costs.

Seaford Silver Band were awarded £250 going towards overheads and the purchase of plastic instruments for new members to learn.

Seahaven Refugee Support were awarded £250 for costs towards multicultural meetup sessions and volunteer expenses.

St James’ Trust Seaford were awarded £500 contributing towards providing healthy eating cookery courses for men and art classes for older and disabled people.

Teddy Treats Children’s Charity were awarded £500 going towards supporting their Top Talent Programme which sponsors local children to support their passion and talent.

The Crouch Bowling Club were awarded £300 towards the purchase of additional tables and chairs so that there are enough for all members.

The Youth Counselling Project were awarded £500 towards the continuation of providing counselling in three Seaford Schools offering support to children facing serious mental health issues.

Councillor Mark Brown, Chairman of the Finance & General Purposes Committee, said: “Once again I am thrilled that the Council has been in a position this year to award the full £23,000 grants budget to such great causes.  This year saw an overwhelming response with a total of £55,048 and it was regretful that we were not able to award all the applicants or award as much as we would have liked to others.   I would like to thank all the organisations who applied for the continued hard work and contribution to the Town and the Council is pleased to assist and support these organisations where possible.”

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