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New Polling Station for Cradle Hill!

Submitted on 04 October 2019 by STC Officers



Seaford Town Council has been working alongside Lewes District Council to install a new temporary  polling station at The Ridings open space just off Lexden Road in Seaford whenever there is an election.

The portacabin will be installed at The Ridings for each election and removed thereafter.

This will be good news for parents of children at Cradle Hill School, who often voice their justified frustration when there is an election and subsequent school closure. This will now mean the school can continue to stay open on polling days and children will be equally happy as they will not miss a day of School!

Parents have previously been forced to make alternative childcare arrangements when the school has had to close for polling days, with children missing out on valuable education.

This will be great news for everyone involved.

A Seaford Town Council spokesperson said “ We have been attempting to find an alternative location of the Polling station for some time and had approached some suitable building owners without success. We therefore decided that whilst it is more expensive to have a temporary portable Polling Station in the Lexden Road open space this was the solution, albeit a complicated one it requires toilets and a generator as well.

(Cradle Hill School where the old polling station was used)


This picture below  shows The Ridings Park at the top of Lexden Road where the new polling station is to be situated

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