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Seaford Neighbourhood Plan misleading press release regarding the Neighbourhood Plan process

Submitted on 17 November 2016 by Council Officers

Seaford Town Council and the separate body Seaford Neighbourhood Plan steering group have both been dismayed by the issuing of a recent political press release which has caused a lot of distress to some members of the public and wasted a lot tax payers money dealing with ensuing queries.

The press release implies political decision have been taken to sell off certain public plots of land for housing when no such decision have been taken.

A member of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee said “There are those of us working ‘non-politically’ on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee/Housing Focus Group giving freely many, many hours of our time and doing all we can to ensure damage limitation of the new housing we have to accommodate. The recent press release scaremongering without facts is simply a disgraceful attempt to make political capital from the situation”.

The Neighbourhood Plan team are currently calling for landowners and their agents through the “call for sites” advertised to help identify potential sites that can be considered for development based on the allocation by the district council to Seaford. The type of housing will be influenced by the outcome of the Housing Needs Survey undertaken by Action in rural Sussex to determine local housing needs. As well as the design guide currently being prepared by the Housing Focus Group. All sites submitted will be assessed based on a set of criteria and sustainability measures to ensure that, those pieces of land best suited to be preserved as open spaces and those best suited for housing are considered for those purposes. It is hoped that the most of the sites will come from private sources and will contribute to the sustainable development of Seaford. The Town Council is helping to find the private land owners.

A council spokesperson said “It was very disappointing that a political party put out a press release that was so misleading and disheartened so many volunteers who are genuinely working for the Town to find solutions to our housing needs. Before any decision is taken on where the new housing is to be built a full consultation will take place with local residents followed by a referendum. We want to get this right, the press release was unhelpful to say the least and worried a lot of local residents unnecessarily.”        

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