The Town Council endeavors to find methods and mediums in which to communicate with members of the public, residents and visitors as best it can. There are however many types of ‘users’ of the town who access communications in a variety of ways so the Council is always open to suggestions on communication methods.

The following are the standard methods of communication that the Council uses on a regular, day-to-day basis:

  • The Website contains a vast amount of information and is regularly updated.
  • Facebook is a very popular method of communication, in particular for getting news and updates in to the public domain quickly:
  • Press Releases, which are sent to over 30 press contacts and 200 members of public, to ensure news and updates are getting as much coverage as possible (see the Latest News page).
  • Newsletters are produced quarterly (where possible) and distributed around the commercial properties in town or are available electronically from the Newsletters page.
  • Seaford Town Guide, the Town Council works with publishers to create a Guide which is distributed annually to most houses throughout the town (see the Town Guide page).
  • Council Tax Leaflet, since 2017, residents have received a Council Tax Leaflet from Seaford Town Council, which is issued to all households in the town with their Council Tax demand letters (see the Council Tax Leaflet page).
  • Seaford Town Map, issued in 2017, which was identified as something often asked for by visitors to the area.
  • All Meeting Documents i.e. agendas, reports and minutes of public meetings, are available from the Meetings page of the website.
  • The Town Council has a YouTube channel on which it publishes the recordings of its Full Council and Committee meetings; find it at and search ‘Seaford Town Council’.
  • The Town Councillors themselves always invite and encourage communication direct through them and carry out their own activities to engage with the public. Councillor contact details can be found here.
  • The Town Council has used Survey Monkey to gather opinions from the public regarding a variety of topics recently, including potential land sales, skate park ideas, new toilet facility designs, the Seafront Development Plan, feedback from users of The View and on events such as Christmas Magic.