Following almost four years of dedicated work by a team of hard-working local residents the referendum yesterday supported all of their efforts.


The result of the referendum is as follows:

Yes - 5566 (89%)

No - 673 (11%)

Rejected - 23

Turnout 31.8 % (national average for larger towns is about 20%)


So, what does this mean for Seaford?

Immediately the amount of Community Infrastructure Levy Funds (CIL) funds coming from the Newlands site to the Town should increase from approximately £150,000 to £250,000.

All other new qualifying developments will now pay 25% CIL to the town instead of 15%.

The nine green spaces listed on the plan receive the highest possible protection, the 52 other open spaces and recreation spaces receive higher protection than they currently have.

All new housing (that must be accommodated) is on brown field sites, i.e. land that has previously been developed such as the old gas works at Dane Valley.

Over 100 affordable homes should be built

Strict restrictions will exist on new building within the several conservation areas in the town .

For further details please see the plan at the below link;…