There are seven Nolan principles that apply to the conduct of people in the public sector.

They are:
Selflessness: you should act in the public interest
Integrity: you should not put yourself under any obligations to others, allow them improperly to influence you or seek benefit for yourself, family, friends or close associates
Objectivity: you should act impartially, fairly and on merit
Accountability: you should be prepared to submit to public scrutiny necessary to ensure accountability
Openness: you should be open and transparent in your actions and decisions unless there are clear and lawful reasons for non-disclosure
Honesty: you should always be truthful
Leadership: as a councillor, you should promote, support and exhibit high standards of conduct and be willing to challenge poor behaviour.

Each local Council must adopt and publicise a code of conduct that is in line with the Nolan principles. The code deals with Councillors’ obligations about their conduct including the registration and disclosure of their interests. Complaints about Councillors’ conduct are dealt with by the principal authority i.e. Lewes District Council.

To download a copy of Seaford Town Council’s Councillors Code of Conduct, please visit the Council’s policies page.