At its meeting on 17th October 2019, the Town Council established a Climate Change Working Group  with the purpose of: ‘Considering the climate change situation in the town and bringing forward recommendations for climate change actions/amelioration measures; reporting back at 3, 6 & 9 months.’

On receipt of the Climate Change Working Group’s report presented at the 20th August 2020 Full Council meeting, Seaford Town Council declared a climate emergency, identifying the Town Council’s recognition of the climate and environment crisis facing the world.

The Town Council has since been working with local community groups and volunteers to help lead the community through climate change and spread the importance of taking action.

Recent Actions

 Seaford Green Spaces

Have you had a stroll around the green spaces in the South of town recently? If so you cannot have failed to see the difference in the fields behind the Martello Tower and around Cricketfield Road. They are bursting with a diverse range of plants which are in turn attracting new varieties of birds and insects. All thanks to a new mowing regime implemented by Seaford Town Council A coalition of local environmental groups (On the Verge, Trees for Seaford, Seaford Natural History Society, The Seaford Community Partnership and others) have been working with the Council to explore “re-naturing” our green spaces. The council has agreed to an environmentally friendly mowing pattern. Some zones will remain unmown to allow plants to flower and spread seed throughout the summer, whilst providing food and shelter for wildlife. Within those areas, paths have been mown to allow walkers and their dogs to stroll through the developing meadows. As the meadow matures it will develop a more diverse flora and fauna. We expect to see a thriving and        diverse range of insects, bees and butterflies feeding on the flowers that the new mowing regime allows to flourish. Increasing biodiversity will also provide more pollinators for the fruit and veg. of local gardeners. As a bonus these areas will provide educational opportunities for botanists of all ages  who will be able to study the development of floral communities in three distinct areas of the meadow; mown, unmown and footpath. The Seaford Community Partnership has already provided local schools with the all the equipment they need to do just that.



Seaford Community Partnership Project – Cycling in Seaford

Close partner of the Town Council, Seaford Community Partnership, is working with the South Downs National Park Authority and other stakeholders on a study into improvements to existing cycling routes in Seaford, or creating new ones.


Seaford Environmental Alliance (SEA) Climate Change Hub –

The Town Council has information displayed in the SEA Climate Change Hub , which is located in the former NatWest building in Seaford town centre, detailing its ongoing work to tackle climate change. The hub has a wealth of information and guidance surrounding local and wider climate change actions, a repair cafe and in December 2021 hosted the Treasure from Trash exhibition.





Renaturing Proposals November 2021 – 

At its Community Services meeting in November 2021, the Town Council adopted a number of proposals with the aim of renaturing some of its open spaces. This not only helps encourage biodiversity but is also a useful step in the Town Council’s actions to help tackle climate change. More details of the proposals can be found in the press release issued.



Climate Day 1st August 2021 –
A successful Climate Day was held, in partnership with Seaford Environmental Alliance (SEA), on 1st August 2021. The day showcased how many different groups and organisations within the town are helping to tackle climate change within Seaford.
This event has enabled the Town Council’s Climate Change Working Group to identified further actions for the future, including methods to educate residents as to how to get involved and do their bit to tackle climate change.



Seaford Head Golf Course –
A lot of good work is already taking place on the Golf Course as part of the Town Council’s commitments to ‘Operation Pollinator’, including beehives, wildflowers and maintenance (safe maintenance without pesticides) that encourages a diversity of ecology and wildlife. Feel free to watch the following YouTube video of the wild flower areas bustling with pollinators on Seaford Head Golf Course:

There is also a borehole fully operational, which has drastically reduced the call on mains water by the Course – a significant, tangible achievement from the Town Council’s commitment to climate action.

The Town Council recognise that Seaford Head Golf Course and golf as a whole can play a valuable role in addressing some of the major concerns of our generation:

  • Nature – loss of biodiversity; fighting off invasive and alien species; protecting habitats; pollution prevention; enhancing air quality
  • Resources – maximising efficiency in the use of water, energy and materials, and transitioning to clean, renewable and recyclable sources
  • Community – improving health and wellbeing; supporting partners and good causes; delivering environmental, social and economic benefits, and healthy recreation for all
  • Climate – minimising carbon emissions and maximising sequestration value.

With the above in mind, Seaford Head Golf Course has joined OnCourse, which is a sustainability programme that will help to strengthen, track and communicate the Course’s social and environmental value, in order to become a more sustainable, popular and efficient golf course.

Wild GrassRenaturing –
The Town Council has been working at renaturing parts of The Salts, Normansal, Martello Fields, Princess Drive, The Covers, and The Crouch, with further sites now being looked at for action in 2022.





Recycle logoReduce Reuse Recycle – 
The Town Council is working hard to ensure all of its sites, services and facilities are working sustainably. Examples of this being:
– Working with concessions and event organisers to discourage the use of plastic
– Reducing office stationery ordering
– Ceasing printed quarterly newsletters
– Reducing the size of the annual Council Tax Leaflet and printing on carbon balanced paper
– Putting in place alternative energy such as electricity instead of generators at concessions and low energy lighting at The View at Seaford Head
– Donating old furniture to re-use communities. A recent example being old meeting chairs, where 45 chairs were donated for re-use, rather than being taken to the dump.
– Purchasing and installing a man-made timber (recycled plastic) noticeboard at The Salts Tennis, within The Salts Recreation Ground.



Man and Woman standing in front of grassed area holding a certificatePlastic Free Status – 
The Town Council has supported Plastic Free Seaford in securing Seaford’s Plastic Free Status, joining a network of communities across the UK who are leading the way to tackle throw-away plastic at source. The Town Council has played its part in helping to spread awareness of reducing and refusing single-use plastic, including being awarded Plastic Free Status at The View at Seaford Head, and adopting a Single Use Plastic policy.



Young Mayor standing by water refill station attached to flint wallWater Refill Stations –
The Town Council has successfully installed five water refill stations at various popular locations such as The Salts, seafront, and town centre. These stations provide fresh water facilities for members of the public to fill up reusable water bottles, discouraging the buying of plastic water bottles.
The stations were funded by the 2019-20 Young Mayor, James Jenkin’s fundraising, and sponsorships gratefully received from South East Water, Plastic Free Seaford and Seaford Town Football Club.



A man and boy repairing a bike on the seafrontBike Repair Facilities –
To continue to encourage cycling, the Town Council has installed bike repair facilities and racks along Seaford Seafront, plus the new concession at High and Over also offers bike maintenance facilities and advice.





People in a meetingSeaford Town Council Climate Change Working Group –
The Climate Change Working Group is continuing to meet regularly, minutes of a meeting of Seaford Town Council’s Climate Change SubCommittee can be found here Minutes from Thursday 27th October 2022




The Re-InflatablesThe Re-Inflatables – Giving the burst a new purpose!-
Over summer 2022, three drop-off points along Seaford seafront have helped support The Re-Inflatables, a new local business that up-cycles non-recyclable items, to collect pool and beach inflatables, such as lilos, dinghies, arm-bands, beach balls, rings, paddling pools and air-beds.

The items, which would otherwise be thrown away, are made into stylish and individual bags, purses and holdalls, and a proportion of the sales revenue will be donated to the RNLI.  The drop-off points are looking to be reinstalled in early 2023.


Seafront BinsSeafront bins – Replacement and Refurbishment –
From 3rd January 2023 the current bins on the seafront are starting to be replaced and refurbished with new blue bins, through a rolling programme of works over the next few months.

16 of the bins 19 are being refurbished to an as-new condition to ensure that as many bin elements as possible are salvaged and reused, keeping disposal at a minimum.


Upcoming Actions

Community Groups Managing Green Spaces –
Following the Full Council decision at the 23rd June 2021 meeting, agreements enabling climate action by community groups on green spaces managed by the Town Council are being developed and the Town Council expect to conclude the first agreement shortly.

Electric Car Charging Points in Town Council Owned Car Parks – 
Initial discussions have taken place with Lewes District Council to explore bidding to secure funding for electric charge points in the Town Council’s car parks.

Martello Toilets – 
The Town Council is working with architects to include sustainable features in the upcoming Martello Toilet and Café project such as photovoltaic panels, air source heating, solar shading and natural ventilation. Materials used, such as timber cladding, will be responsibly sourced from local companies where possible.

Renaturing Proposals – 

The Town Council has adopted a number of proposals for renaturing some of its open spaces. The full details of the proposals can be found within the press release issued and updates will be posted on this page as and when the proposals are implemented.