Seaford Town Council’s Mission Statement: “Working together for Seaford”

In April 2016 the Town Council adopted its Mission Statement and Strategic Objectives. The Town Council is well underway with many of the projects stemming from the five strategic objectives, which were identified as:

  1. To develop the cultural and economic well-being of the town
  2. To improve the environment of the town
  3. To improve and maintain the recreational facilities of the town
  4. To help represent the needs of the community
  5. To practice good governance and fiscal responsibility

The objectives are key to ensure Town Council officers have the direction needed to be as efficient and effective as possible in their posts, and to help the public understand the aims and objectives of the Town Council; what it is seeking to achieve for the town.

Each objective was broken down in to specific projects and targets for Town Council officers, in addition to financial targets to meet, with overall performance against these regularly discussed in team meetings.

Many objectives have been engrained in to the ‘way of life’ at the Town Council, such as making financial savings or achieving additional income, ensuring working practices are above and beyond those required for satisfactory internal audits and acting as a voice for the town’s residents.

The Strategic Plan was reviewed in 2018, assessing progress and making necessary changes and/or additions. The next review is likely to take place in 2021, the most up-to-date Strategic Plan can be viewed/downloaded on the Council Polices page.