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Councillor Olivia Honeyman was re-elected as Mayor for 2023-2024 with Councillor Sally Markwell as her Deputy. 

The Mayor of Seaford, Councillor Olivia Honeyman and the Deputy Mayor of Seaford, Councillor Sally Markwell.

Each year, the Mayor of Seaford selects a charity to support during their term in office. This year, the Mayor of Seaford, Councillor Olivia Honeyman has, in partnership with the Deputy Mayor, Young Mayor and Deputy Young Mayor, chosen a theme of ‘Youth Promotion’.

The Mayor of Seaford’s theme ‘Youth Promotion’ will highlight the importance of supporting younger generations of Seaford. She says “I have chosen ‘Youth Promotion’ because younger people are the future of our town, and they need support now more than ever. In a recent survey conducted by the Town Council, it was highlighted that there needs to be more available for younger people.”

In order to deliver the theme, the Mayor of Seaford will support and promote the Mercread Youth Centre and The Youth Counselling Project as her chosen charities. When asked about her charity choices, she said “Both the Mercread Youth Centre and The Youth Counselling Project are a huge asset to the youth of the town and are delivering important and vital services which I would like to give a platform to raise awareness and encourage the community to support them.”

The Mercread Youth Centre is host to a number of youth activities and is looking to develop its facilities to expand what it can offer. The Centre is hoping to run a series of fundraising events, with the support of the Mayor of Seaford, to raise funds to renovate its kitchen.

An improved and more practical kitchen would then be able to be used to host community cooking classes for younger people. The Centre is also working on other initiatives for youth and networking opportunities for youth-related groups and charities in the town. More information and fundraising dates will be promoted in due course.

The Youth Counselling Project is an invaluable charity within our community which provides mental health support to younger people. The demand for The Youth Counselling Project’s services have significantly increased in the last couple of years, not only in numbers but in complexity.

Keeping Up Dated

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Mayoral Engagements

Details of the Mayoral Engagements and Events are reported in the Mayor’s Report at each Full Council meeting or can be seen on the Mayor’s Facebook page @mayorofseaford

Mayors 2022 – 2023 Reports: Council Meetings

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Mayoral Activities

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor sitting with Len Fisher at Seahaven FM's studio.Interview with Seahaven FM

On Monday 14th August, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Seaford were interviewed by Len Fisher on Seahaven FM, if you would like to listen, please click on the following link










The Mayor of Seaford watching the Cadets marching past at Martello Tower, Seaford.Seahaven Armed Forces Cadets at Armed Forces Day 2023







Newhaven and Sea Cadets Royal Naval Parade at the Newhaven Fort.

Newhaven and Sea Cadets Royal Naval Parade at the Newhaven Fort








Seaford Rotary Young Musician of the Year.

Seaford Rotary Young Musician of the Year 







The Royal Society of St George (Seahaven) Celebrates the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, meal at the EBM Centre in Peacehaven.

The Royal Society of St George (Seahaven) Celebrates the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, meal at the EBM Centre in Peacehaven






The Mayor of Seaford and her Consort with the County Council Chairman.

East Sussex County Council Chairman’s Summer Reception at Buxted Park Hotel










The Mayor of Seaford, Deputy Mayor of Seaford, The Young Mayor of Seaford, The High Sheriff and Town Crier at the Mayor's Civic Reception.

The Mayor of Seaford’s Civic Reception







The Mayor of Seaford attending the Cuckmere Buses Event

Cuckmere Buses Event







The Mayor of Seaford with a member of the team from Raystede Centre

Mayor’s visit to Raystede Centre











The Mayor and Young Mayor of Seaford at the Remembrance Service.

Mayor and Young Mayor at Remembrance Service 2023











NPS lions club Invitation for charter luncheon







The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Young Mayor of Seaford decorating a lantern for the Christmas Magic Parade.

Seaford Christmas Magic – lantern making at Mecread Youth Centre






Christmas Pontifical Sung Verses at Arundel Cathedral








The Mayor of Seaford with Dignitaries inside St Leonard's Church in Seaford.

The Mayor’s Carol Service







The Mayor of Newhaven's Community Carol Concert

The Mayor of Newhaven’s Community Carol Concert







The Chair of East Sussex County Council’s Christmas Civic Reception






Past Mayors

Each year at its Annual Meeting the Council must elect a Mayor as first point of business; the Mayor then serves in office for the Municipal Year (May to May).

The Council is lucky to have had such a variety of Mayors since its formation in 1999, each with their own aspirations for their time in office and with unswerving dedication to their roles. Often, as the Mayor, they would receive an invite to an engagement on a weekly basis, some weeks as special occasions there may even be three or four engagements – this is on top of their duties and responsibilities as a Councillor, and all carried out voluntarily.

The Council offers its gratitude to those former Mayors of Seaford:

2022-2023: Councillor Olivia Honeyman
2021-2022: Councillor Rodney Reed
2020-2021: Councillor Rodney Reed
2019-2020: Councillor Nazish Adil
2018-2019: Councillor Linda Wallraven
2017-2018: Councillor Linda Wallraven
2016-2017: Councillor Lindsay Freeman
2015-2016: Councillor Dave Argent
2014-2015: Councillor Mark Brown
2013-2014: Councillor Anthony White
2012-2013: Councillor Linda Wallraven
2011-2012: Councillor Linda Wallraven
2010-2011: Councillor Robert Allen
2009-2010: Councillor Tracy Willis
2008-2009: Councillor Carolyn Lambert
2007-2008: Councillor Ralph Taylor
2006-2007: Councillor Rosemary Collict
2005-2006: Councillor Marion Lambert
2004-2005: Councillor Kenneth Davies
2003-2004: Councillor Jon Freeman
2002-2003: Councillor Dr Jill Rosser
2001-2002: Councillor Leslie Whittle
2000-2001: Councillor Arthur James
1999-2000: Councillor Laurence Holland