Below is a list of Seaford Town Council’s adopted policies with a link to download the document.

All draft policies are considered by a committee (where relevant), before being taken to Full Council for adoption.


Agenda and Minutes Policy
Coat of Arms Policy
Complaints Procedure
Health & Safety Policy 2021
Scheme of Delegation 2022
Standing Orders 2022
Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Civic Awards Policy
Member’s Code of Conduct 2022
Committee Chairs Management Group Policy 2021

Freedom of the Town Policy
Mayors Portfolio 2022
Members Allowance Policy
Co-option Policy 2022

Annual Investment Strategy 2023 – 2024
Bad Debt Policy
Discretionary Grants Policy 2023-2024
Financial Regulations March 2023
General & Financial Risk Assessment 2023
Purchase Ordering & Payment for Goods & Services Policy 2022

Data Protection Policy
Document Retention Policy 2021

Freedom of Information Requests Procedure
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
Noticeboard Policy
Petition Policy (and Appendix A)
Press & Media Policy
Public Participation Policy 2021

Town Council Representation on Outside Bodies 2021

Busking Policy
Concessions Policy 2024
Corporate Sponsorship Policy
Events Policy 2023 – Events Policy Appendix B Booking Form & T&C’s
Memorial & Donation Policy
Premises Hire Charge Policy
Tree Policy

Safeguarding Policy – Tennis 2022
Diversity & Inclusion Policy – Tennis 2022

Acceptable Use of Computer, Internet & Email Facilities
Additional Hours Policy
Appraisal Scheme Policy  
(and Appraisal Form Blank Appendix A  and Appraisal Guidelines Appendix B)
Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy
Dignity at Work Policy
Disciplinary Procedure
Display Screen Equipment Users Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Gifts & Hospitality Policy
Grievance Policy
Local Government Pension Scheme Employer’s Discretion Policies: 1995 mandatory, 1998 mandatory, 2008 mandatory, 2014 mandatory, 2014 non-mandatory.
Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave Policy
Parental Leave Policy

Reservist Policy 2022
Sickness Absence Policy 2022
Staff Travel Expenses Policy
Statement of Intent – Health & Safety
Training and Development Policy

No Cold Calling Zone Policy 2021
Planning & Highways Policy (and Planning & Highways Policy Appendices)
Traveller Policy  (and Appendices – Appendix A Traveller Incursion Form,  Appendix B ESCC Traveller Protocol,  Appendix C ESCC Leaflet Good Practice for Gypsies, and Appendix D Home Office Traveller Guidance)
Twinning Policy
Single Use Plastics Policy 2021

Pleasure Grounds, Public Walks and Open Spaces Byelaws
Dogs on the Beach/Promenade Bylaws
Seaford Head Estate Byelaws