Below is a list of Seaford Town Council’s adopted policies with a link to download the document.

All draft policies are considered by a committee (where relevant), before being taken to Full Council for adoption.


Agenda and Minutes Policy
Coat of Arms Policy
Complaints Procedure
Health & Safety Policy 2021
Scheme of Delegation 2022
Standing Orders 2022
Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Civic Awards Policy
Member’s Code of Conduct 2022
Committee Chairs Management Group Policy 2021

Freedom of the Town Policy
Mayors Portfolio 2022
Members Allowance Policy
Co-option Policy 2022

Annual Investment Strategy 2024 – 2025
Bad Debt Policy
Discretionary Grants Policy 2024-2025
Financial Regulations March 2024
General & Financial Risk Assessment 2024
Purchase Ordering & Payment for Goods & Services Policy 2022

Data Protection Policy
Document Retention Policy 2021

Freedom of Information Requests Procedure
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
Petition Policy (and Appendix A)
Public Participation Policy 2021

Town Council Representation on Outside Bodies 2024

Busking Policy
Concessions Policy 2024
Corporate Sponsorship Policy
Events Policy 2023 – Events Policy Appendix B Booking Form & T&C’s
Memorial & Donation Policy
Premises Hire Charge Policy
Tree Policy

Safeguarding Policy – Tennis 2022
Diversity & Inclusion Policy – Tennis 2022

Acceptable Use of Computer, Internet & Email Facilities
Additional Hours Policy
Appraisal Scheme Policy  
(and Appraisal Form Blank Appendix A  and Appraisal Guidelines Appendix B)
Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy
Dignity at Work Policy
Disciplinary Procedure
Display Screen Equipment Users Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Gifts & Hospitality Policy
Grievance Policy
Local Government Pension Scheme Employer’s Discretion Policies: 1995 mandatory, 1998 mandatory, 2008 mandatory, 2014 mandatory, 2014 non-mandatory.
Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave Policy
Parental Leave Policy

Reservist Policy 2022
Sickness Absence Policy 2022
Staff Travel Expenses Policy
Statement of Intent – Health & Safety
Training and Development Policy

No Cold Calling Zone Policy 2021
Planning & Highways Policy (and Planning & Highways Policy Appendices)
Traveller Policy  (and Appendices – Appendix A Traveller Incursion Form,  Appendix B ESCC Traveller Protocol,  Appendix C ESCC Leaflet Good Practice for Gypsies, and Appendix D Home Office Traveller Guidance)
Twinning Policy
Single Use Plastics Policy 2021

Pleasure Grounds, Public Walks and Open Spaces Byelaws
Dogs on the Beach/Promenade Bylaws
Seaford Head Estate Byelaws