About the Annual Town Meeting

Each year the Town Council facilitates an Annual Town Meeting (also known as the Town Forum). This is a public meeting, not a Town Council meeting, and is a chance for members of the public to ask any questions of the Council and receive updates on the Council’s activities over the previous year.

The event also usually includes presentations from charities and organisations that have received financial grants from the Council; giving an insight in to how the money has been spent and the benefit this has brought to the town. The Mayor of Seaford will also present the annual Mayor’s Awards, which are given to members of the community or organisations that have worked hard for the benefit of the town or have overcome great barriers. The prestigious Don Mabey Award is also presented; an award first bestowed in 2014 in memory of the late Don Mabey MBE and his services for Seaford. The Don Mabey Award is given to selected residents of the Seaford community for outstanding services to the town of Seaford.

All members of the public are invited to come along. Councillors will be in attendance to answer your queries on matters relating to Seaford in an open question and answer session.

2021 Annual Town Forum

Despite the continuing Covid-19 restrictions still being in place,  plans were made to hold a virtual Annual Town Meeting via Zoom this year on 20th April 2021. It was opportunity to hear from the new Town Clerk Adam Chugg, on key updates and priorities for the year ahead and a chance for questions to be asked.  The Agenda can be found here

The draft minutes of the meeting can be found here – Draft Minutes of Seaford Town Forum 2021 (5)

The 2020/21 Large Grant Recipients have all submitted presentations to accompany this year’s Town Forum. A compilation video of the recorded presentations has been added to the Seaford Town Forum Presentations 2021′ video, available on the Town Council’s YouTube Channel. Two presentations, one PDF and one PowerPoint are available for download below:

CTLA Large Grant PowerPoint Presentation 2021

Cuckmere Buses Large Grant PDF Presentation 2021

The announcement of the Mayor’s and Young Mayor’s Awards have also been pre-recorded and added to the ‘Seaford Town Forum Presentations 2021’ video,available on the Town Council’s YouTube Channel

The Mayor’s Awards 2020/21 are awarded to:

Seaford Volunteer Emergency Team (SVET) Volunteers and Management Committee – has received the Award for ‘Health Promotion’ in Seaford including running, walking, healthy eating, and conversations that help overcome isolation.

Mayor of Seaford and two Seaford Volunteer Emergency Team members holding the award outside a churchA closer picture of the glass Mayor's Award engraved with the words "Seaford Town Council Mayor's Award for Health Promotion 2020-2021"

Claire Sumners, representing Plastic Free Seaford – has received the Award for ‘Sustainability’ in Seaford including minimising the use of water and energy pollution prevention and control and ‘greening initiatives’.

The Mayor of Seaford and Clare Sumnsers from Plastic Free Seaford standing on grass holding the award

Peter Tattam, representing Cycling Without Age (the Tri-shaws Project) – has received the Award for ‘Intergenerational Activities’ promoting relationships between older and younger residents of Seaford.

The Mayor of Seaford holding the award with Cycle without Age next to a bike  A closer picture of the glass Mayor's Award engraved with the words "Seaford Town Council Mayor's Award for Intergenerational Activities 2020-2021"

The Don Mabey Award 2020/21

This prestigious Award has been received by Clare Davis, President of the Seaford Chamber of Commerce for outstanding services to the town – this year promoting business, community and tourism. Her nomination states “we are all aware the Travel Industry has been severely hit with all overseas travel being cancelled. Clare runs a travel agency franchise, and the pandemic increased her workload significantly. Whilst also working nights in Sainsburys, Clare spearheaded Seaford Chamber of Commerce ensuring the smooth running of the Chamber and helping fellow members through the current situation. Clare has inspired us with her “can do” attitude and deserves recognition for this”.

The Mayor of Seaford standing on Seaford Head presenting the Don Mabey award  Clare Davis, President of the Seaford Chamber of Commerce holding the Don Mabey award shield

The Don Mabey Award was introduced in 2014 in memory of Don Mabey MBE, a Freeman of the Town and known to many for the significant work he did for the town and our organisations.

Mayor of Seaford ‘Highly Commended Certificates’ have been awarded to:

Cedrick Trenfield of the Blatchington Pond – his nominators write “we have lived in Seaford for 50 years and during that time the pond has been looked after by Mr Trenfield and his team. He has kept it in very good order, providing a safe place where parents can relax and watch their children play and feed the ducks”.

Dawn Woodgate and team at the Seahaven Storehouse (Foodbank) – nominated for going above and beyond, not just throughout the pandemic but for a considerable time before that! Indefatigable work to aid the community.

Hilary Miflin, Ben Miflin and Tim Chappels – nominated because during the summer of the pandemic, they maintained the Beach Garden and the Sunken Garden for the pleasure of visitors and residents. Normally the garden would be weeded and planted by a group of volunteers assisted by contractors. Thanks to their work the Garden has been a splash of colour to cheer us up during lockdowns.

Lara Hague, Year 11 Pupil at Seaford Head School – nominated for the work she did for sustainability and the eco club. She championed the recycling project, organising a group of students to go and sort through the bins to ensure they were not contaminating the recycling waste and teaching the younger students how to recycle and the importance of recycling.

Sussex Volunteer Crafters – nominated for having the community at heart by organising the non-stop crafting of masks, scrubs, and gowns. The group has a wide range of people with a diverse range of talents, crafting a wide range of materials with recycling fully on their minds.

Simon Lambert, Head Greenkeeper at Seaford Head Golf Course – his nominator writes “Simon has worked immensely hard over the years on the ecological side of managing the Golf Course, he was invaluable in the Town Council’s Operation Pollinator status and putting in of the borehole to enable the watering of the course using run-off water, and he continues to plan and manage wildflower areas”.

Young Mayor’s Award 2020/21 is awarded to:

Isabelle Ireland Age 9, for raising money for St Wilfred’s Hospice after she sadly lost her Grandad. She’s been such an inspiration and raised an outstanding amount of money, over £1600 so far!

Young Mayor of Seaford and Young Mayor's awardee standing on Seaford Beach holding the award  Young Mayor of Seaford and Young Mayor's awardee standing in front of beach huts on Seaford Beach holding the award

Highly Commended Young Mayor’s Certificate awarded to –Gabrielle Ripley Bond of Chyngton School for preparing and donating hampers NHS staff in local hospitals and to Key Worker Staff at School to thank them for their hard work during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, Gabrielle has been supporting the community through ‘Surviving the Streets’ in her efforts to help people who are homeless.

Congratulations to all Award recipients and thank you for all your continued hard work for our community.

2020 Annual Town Forum

Unfortunately, the Seaford Town Forum due to take place in May 2020 was postponed (and later cancelled all together) due to the restrictions in place in support of the Government’s Covid-19 guidance. The Town Council put together a video which shares (virtually) the presentations which would have taken place at the Town Forum.

The video is available via the Town Council’s YouTube channel and other reports/presentations from 2019-20 large grant recipients can also be found below –

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