SEAFORD, 31st May 2024 – At the beginning of the year, Seaford Town Council addressed the persistent issue of vandalism in public toilets, expressing concern about the impact on residents, tourists, and the financial burden it places on the community.

Unfortunately, this issue has continued and due to persistent vandalism at The Salts public toilets, these facilities have been closed and will re-open in approximately a week to ten days while essential maintenance is carried out to fix the issues caused by vandalism.

Whilst the Town Council is disappointed to close these facilities, it is essential that these facilities are closed during this time so that the Town Council can complete maintenance without further vandalism taking place, ensuring that when the facilities are re-opened, they are in working order and safe for public use.

Tourist Experience Marred by Vandalism

The picturesque town of Seaford has long been a popular destination for tourists seeking a serene escape. However, the constant vandalism of public toilets is casting a shadow on this idyllic image. Visitors, expecting a pleasant experience, often find themselves confronted with damaged facilities, hindering their overall enjoyment of the town.

Financial Strain on the Community

The financial toll of repeated vandalism is substantial. Repairs and maintenance costs associated with the constant damage are stretching the community's resources. The funds that could be allocated to improve amenities and services are instead being diverted to fix vandalised facilities, impacting the town's ability to invest in other critical areas.

Other Town Council projects and services are also needing to be placed on hold as the constant vandalism is taking Town Council officers away from these other projects and services to close vandalised facilities and arrange maintenance.

Effects on Accessibility

Vandalism not only impacts the aesthetic appeal of public toilets but also restricts access for everyone, including residents and tourists alike. In some instances, closures are necessary to facilitate repairs, causing inconvenience to those who depend on these facilities.

Seaford Town Council recognises the urgency of finding sustainable solutions to this issue. In collaboration with local law enforcement and community organisations, initiatives are being explored to enhance security measures and raise awareness about the importance of respecting public spaces.

Seaford Town Council is actively working on preventative measures and community engagement strategies to address this issue. We call on everyone to be vigilant and protect these shared spaces for the benefit of all.

How the Community Can Help

Report Suspicious Activity: If you witness any form of vandalism or suspicious behaviour, please report it immediately to the Police on 101 or

Community Awareness: Share the message of respect for public spaces. Encourage friends, family, and community members to be vigilant and considerate.