Seaford Town Council urges tourists to pause before visiting

Owing to many essential facilities being unable to open until further notice, the Town Council urges visitors to plan before they visit as part of its ‘Pause Before Visiting’ emergency campaign to reduce littering and disruption to residents.

The Town Council has become increasingly concerned by the volume of visitors arriving in the town now that lockdown restrictions have started to relax. As well as social distancing concerns, this has caused an alarming increase in littering and worse at Seaford’s beauty spots.

Many reports have been received about large amounts of litter being scattered over areas or dumped in bags by bins rather than being taken home by visitors, which is what should be the case. There has also been reports of human waste which is thought to be a direct result of visitors not planning before they travel and public toilets remaining closed following national advice to this effect. This is something which the Town Council takes very seriously and has been working with partnering authorities to address as quickly as possible.

A spokesperson for the Town Council said: “The last few weeks have seen a huge increase in litter and worse all over the beach, South Hill Barn area, Seaford Head and other popular beauty spots. This has led to increased pressure on services as well as leaving residents of the town feeling disappointed and disrespected by the mess left behind by visitors. The Town Council does not want to discourage tourism and continues to support local businesses and the community through the lockdown exit; however, the message must be clear that the town is restricted by reduced essential facilities and may not be the best place to visit for a group day trip.”

The Town Council’s website homepage now features its ‘Pause Before Visiting” campaign which highlights to members of the public from out of town what facilities are not available such as public toilets and lifeguard services and reminds that all litter must be taken home.

The Town Council and partner authorities are continually checking guidance and being advised by Government bodies of how and when facilities can begin to open. The Town Council will update its website and advise the public accordingly when facilities can re-open.