(Image One: Seaford Promenade)

SEAFORD, 13th February 2024 – Seaford Town Council is encouraging local start-up businesses and entrepreneurs to explore the new concession opportunities currently available in the town and along the seafront. These opportunities represent the ideal launchpad for budding businesses to test the viability of their ventures and foster growth within our vibrant community.

These concessions reflect Seaford Town Council's dedication to nurturing a diverse and supportive business landscape, ensuring that local entrepreneurs have access to prime locations to establish or expand their business ideas. The current concession spaces offer a platform to showcase your offerings and start to build and grow an audience.

(Image Two West View Beach Huts)                                                                                  (Image Three West View Beach Huts)

Seaford Town Council has already seen the success of local brands who have capitalised on these influential spaces for exponential growth and would love to see more fledgling businesses taking off as a result of their time in our spaces. 

(Image Four The Old Town Hall)                                                                          (Image Five The Old Town Hall)

With a range of concession spaces available, applicants have the flexibility to tailor their proposals to suit their business needs. From the larger venues such as The Old Town Hall and The Salts Café to the charming new Martello Café and seasonal West View Beach Huts along the bustling promenade, there's a space to suit every entrepreneurial vision.

(Image Six: The Salts Café, Tennis Courts, and Skatepark)

Moreover, Seaford Town Council recognises the importance of sustainability and inclusivity in today's business landscape. As such, tender applications will be evaluated based on criteria including locality, sustainability practices, inclusivity initiatives, health and wellbeing impact, and financial viability.

(Image Seven: Splash Point)

Local entrepreneurs are encouraged to seize this opportunity by submitting their applications to tenders@seafordtowncouncil.gov.uk by Wednesday 28th of February at 4PM.

Full application packs can be downloaded from the Town Council's Contracts and Tenders page https://www.seafordtowncouncil.gov.uk/contracts-and-tenders/.

Officers are available should applicants have any questions, and we invite all aspiring entrepreneurs to take a look and explore these exciting opportunities.