Seaford Town Council Install New Litter Picking Station

Seaford Town Council announce the installation of a new litter picking station on the seafront for volunteers.

SEAFORD 31ST MARCH 2023 – As part of its continued commitment to take action following its Climate Emergency declaration, Seaford Town Council has installed a new litter picking station on the seafront near to Frankie’s Beach Café at West View.  The station was supplied by Environment First at Lewes District Council and Eastbourne Borough Council.

The station provides a safe and accessible way for volunteers to litter pick, by conveniently storing an array of useful litter picking tools: litter-pickers, gloves, high-vis vests, bags and bag hoops.

The station will be accessible by anyone, during Frankie’s Beach Café’s daily opening times, which during summer are 10am – 5pm.  Alternatively, Plastic Free Seaford (part of the national Surfers Against Sewage campaign) also has access to the station, and is always keen to see new faces joining in with beach cleans:

Frances Chorlton from Plastic Free Seaford said "12 million tonnes of plastic finds its way into the ocean every year and 9.5 million tonnes of that comes from the land. As well as stopping plastic at the source by reducing demand for single use plastics and campaigning for a circular economy, it is vitally important that we clean up our beaches to help stop plastic harming our wildlife and entering the ocean where it affects the whole food chain. It is estimated that 1 million sea birds die every year because of marine plastic pollution and microplastics have even been found in human blood.

This new litter picking station will help make litter picking accessible to all and will make a huge difference to the cleanliness of our local beach and sea. A huge thankyou to Seaford Town Council for installing it and I hope you all enjoy using it."

Person holding a litter picking tool, standing next to a bin which has an open door with other litter picking tools inside.

Image One – The Litter Picking Station and Fran Chorlton from Plastic Free Seaford

Person on a pebble beach using a litter picking tool with cliff tops in the background.

Image Two – The Litter Picking Station’s tools in use.

 The installation of the litter picking station coincides with this year’s Great British Spring Clean 2023, running from 17th March to 2nd April.