Compostable Toilets:  Information



Poo & toilet roll, sawdust and recycled to soil for plants to grow in.

Following the installation of the compositable toilets at Martello Tower, Seaford Town Council wanted to share some interesting information for the units.

These new compostable units are a greener more sustainable solution and offer a wide range of benefits when compared with portaloos. The sawdust process has been widely accepted as the most environmentally friendly options for temporary facilities. Benefits include:

  • Water Conservation, the units use gravity, eliminating the need for water and harmful chemicals in the flushing process.
  • Nutrients Recycling, as the compost produced is rich in nutrients it can be upcycled into valuable fertilizer creating a closed loop within the recycle chain. This also minimises the environmental impact as the waste is not polluting water bodies or being treated via the sewage discharge system. Reducing sewage pollution has a direct impact on the quantity of pollution that enters rivers, lakes, and oceans. This helps protect ecosystems and the overall environment.
  • Odour reduction the system is designed to segregate waste and manage odour more effectively. When used correctly with the sawdust this creates a more user friendly and pleasant external toilet facility.

You may have also noticed that the design of the facilities includes clever ventilation and solar panels in the roof. These facilities have been specifically designed to capitalise on the use of all the natural elements making them the most sustainable option for Seaford’s seafront. Seaford town council are excited to be piloting this scheme in the hope that we can continue to bring more sustainable and climate sensitive solutions to our town.

Further instructions on how to use the toilets can be found here:  Compost Toilet Sign

compostable toilets on Seaford seafront

Image of compostable toilet unit on Seaford beach