Seaford Town Council announce the replacement of bins on the seafront, the bottom of Seaford Head, and The Salts Recreation Ground.

SEAFORD 13th APRIL 2023 – At the beginning of 2023 nineteen dilapidated bins on the seafront, as well as one bin at the bottom of Seaford Head and two bins at The Salts recreation ground, started to be either refurbished or replaced with smart new blue bins.

The old bins were in a general state of disrepair; being incredibly scruffy and run-down, and some with doors missing.

In line with Seaford Town Council’s recognition of the climate and environment crisis, the majority of the old bins, seventeen of the nineteen, were refurbished to an as-new condition.
Through a rolling programme of works over four months the project is now complete, and the smart new blue bins with gold and red lettering, for both litter and dog waste, are a vast improvement for the town.


image of old seafront bins, rusted and in need of repair

Image 1 of old seafront bin in need of repair

old seafront bins

Image 2. Old seafront bins

image of new blue seafront bins

Image 3. New blue seafront bin for litter and dog waste

refurbished blue litter bin

Image 4. New blue litter bin