The Town Council urges people to use Seaford beach responsibly whilst there is no lifeguard cover.

Boating, swimming and other sea-based activities are now allowed once again in England under the new Government guidelines, but, now more than ever people need to respect the coastline.

Swimming in the sea is now allowed as daily exercise in England along with paddle boarding, surfing, windsurfing, rowing, kayaking and canoeing. Sailing and owners of private boats may also go out onto the water.

But while people are allowed to go out on and in the water, they need to make sure they are safe and protected. Those with private boats and yachts should carry out all the usual safety checks and make sure they have a way to contact HM Coastguard if they get into difficulty, as should everyone visiting the coast and beaches.

On the advice of their governing body, Surf Lifesaving GB, Seaford Lifeguards will not be patrolling Seaford Beach. However, they will still carry out weekly inspections of Public Rescue Equipment along the seafront. Seaford Lifeguards are operated by volunteers and Seaford is incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated team on its beaches. It was not a decision taken lightly but the Lifeguards must consider the safety of their team members.

As with previous years, yellow buoys will be sited 200 metres out to sea from Splash Point to Edinburgh Road. The landside of these buoys donates a safe swimming zone where only hand powered craft are permitted.

It is strongly recommended that, despite the buoys being back in situ, only strong and competent swimmers and those with the necessary equipment, enter the water in order to reduce unnecessary risks and only in ideal swimming conditions.

Please use the beach responsively, maintain social distancing and consider if your activity might put people, including yourself and frontline responders, at risk.

If you get into trouble call 999 and ask for the Coastguard who will come to your aid.