As preparations for our next Full Council meeting have continued, Seaford Town Council have been mindful of any potential planning issues that may relate to the fence proposals from the Football Club.

Therefore, we had suggested to the Club that they seek clarification on these matters from Lewes District Council, as our local Planning Authority. Following on from some initial discussions and meetings, LDC officers have suggested to the club that they submit an application for a ‘Lawful Development Certificate’ from them.  The certificate will determine if a full planning application is required or not.

These certificates usually take a number of weeks to obtain.  No public consultation is carried out on these applications as it is simply a matter of establishing the position of the application as regards to Planning.

In these circumstances, it would clearly be sensible for the Town Council to defer our consideration of this matter until the Certificate has been obtained. Therefore, we can confirm that this matter will no longer be on the agenda of our Full Council Meeting on the 29th of September. It will be brought to the most appropriate meeting of the Council once the matter of the Certificate has been determined.

We are contacting all residents who have registered to attend the meeting on the 29th to advise them of this change of plan.

We're pleased that this clarification is being sought, and that due process will help all parties determine the best and most appropriate way forward.