SEAFORD, 27th February 2024 – It was with immense sadness that Seaford Town Council learnt of the death of former Town Councillor, Pauline Gower.


Pauline was one of the inaugural town Councillors in 1999, pictured below seated third from the right.


Past Seaford Town Councillors


During her time as a Seaford Town Councillor, Pauline served diligently and methodically as the Chair of the Community Service Committee, a valuable member of the Town Council’s Planning Committee and, as part of the newly formed Seaford Community Partnership Committee.


Pauline had a very measured approach and presented well-reasoned arguments in all Town Council activities and was a very supportive councillor for Seaford.


Pauline was an outstanding councillor both in the Council Chamber and as a Ward Councillor.  She was Chairman of the Planning & Highways Committee, a role in which she dedicated much time.  As a developing Council she was very active in making constructive comments. The likes of Pauline are very hard to find.” – Laurie Holland former Mayor of Seaford 1999-2000 and Freeman of the Town.


The thoughts of all those at the Town Council are with her family and friends.