The Town Council’s Community Services Committee met in November 2021 to discuss a variety of business. Stealing the show however was the agenda item relating to mowing and planting regimes around the town.

It has now been agreed that a number of Town Council owned sites will see a change in the way they are maintained; for some the whole site will change and for others, pockets will change such as edges or corners of the land being renatured. The changes are through the introduction of reduced mowing or, in some cases, just cut and collect once or twice a year, and a move towards using more native or perennial plants, with the aim of increasing biodiversity, enriching the green corridor across the town and assisting in tackling climate change.

In addition to this, other decisions were made surrounding planting and maintenance of other sites. This included allowing a project to be undertaken to begin community food growing in the flower beds at the top of Pelham Road and introducing the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee colours into the bedding planting scheme around the town for 2022, which is always traditionally vibrant and welcoming.

The Town Council began its renaturing journey in 2020 and has learned valuable lessons since. The proposals adopted will ensure that none of the sites are left to completely ‘rewild’ and instead will strive to achieve a balance of being renatured and the increase in wildlife this brings, with still looking cared for. In many cases, this will include maintaining mown pathways across the land to ensure people can continue to enjoy their local open spaces.

This decision has meant that the Town Council can be proud to provide a varied balance of green spaces across the town, from sports pitches and recreational space to wildlife-friendly meadows and traditional planting displays – all for the benefit of and use by the local community.

The Town Council extends its gratitude to the volunteers and groups that have shared invaluable advice and drawn on a wealth of knowledge to help devise the proposals that were adopted, including Seaford Community Partnership, Seaford Environmental Alliance, On the Verge, Seaford Natural History Society and Lewes District Council.

Speaking about the proposals made, Councillor Olivia Honeyman as Chair of the Community Services Committee said ‘It has been fantastic to see the Town Council rising up to the challenge where tackling climate change and enhancing biodiversity is concerned, most recently with the incredibly exciting renaturing proposals that have been adopted. We are so lucky to have a number of fantastic groups and individuals within the town, who care so passionately about this and are so knowledgeable – there is no reason why this can’t be a success. We just hope that the Town Council’s efforts may help encourage and empower residents in our community to look at undertaking similar renaturing projects in their own outdoor spaces!’.

For the full details of which sites were discussed, visit the Town Council’s website and view the agenda and minutes of the Community Services Committee meeting on 25th November 2021.

Pictured: Martello Pump Fields, which will welcome a ‘meadow cut’ regime to encourage a return of the grasshoppers, butterflies and wildflowers.