Agendas & Minutes - May 2021 - May 2022

Full Council and Committee Meeting Timetable 2021-22 LIVE VERSION

May 2021 UPDATE – From 6th May 2021 the Town Council must return to holding meetings in person, instead of via Zoom. The Town Council has therefore made arrangements for public access to and participation in meetings as follows:

IN PERSON – the number of members of the public allowed are limited to 14, so you will need to register your interest to attend

LIVE STREAM – the meetings will be live streamed to the Town Council’s YouTube channel (linked below) for members of the public to watch live

VIA ZOOM – a Zoom meeting will be set up to allow members of the public to make statements at the meeting remotely should they wish to, rather than having to attend and speak in person (although please note that you will also need the YouTube live stream open to actually see the meeting – you can’t watch the meeting through Zoom. See these instructions for guidance on this.)

WRITTEN STATEMENTS – a Council Officer will be collecting and reading out any written submissions during the public participation section of the meeting

See the specific meeting agenda below for more details on how to join. To register your interest to attend, get the Zoom joining details or submit a written statement, please email

A link to the Town Council's YouTube channel at


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Full Council   
31 March 2022
27 January 2022
14 October 2021
25 August 2021
23 June 2021View AgendaView Minutes
23 June 2021 - Additional Reports x 3View Agenda
20 May 2021 - Annual MeetingView AgendaView Minutes
20 May 2021 - Ordinary meetingView AgendaView Minutes
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Finance and General Purposes   
21 April 2022
16 December 2021
28 October 2021
21 July 2021View AgendaView Minutes
 Agenda PapersMinutes
Community Services   
3 March 2022
25 November 2021
14 July 2021View AgendaView Minutes
 Agenda PapersMinutes
Golf and The View   
8 March 2022
7 December 2021
14 September 2021
8 June 2021View AgendaView Minutes
 Agenda PapersMinutes
Personnel Committee   
17 February 2022
18 November 2021
5 August 2021

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