Seaford Town Council has commissioned Sussex Boreholes to install a borehole at Seaford Head Golf Course with the immediate aim of becoming self-sufficient when watering Seaford Head Golf Course.  A 45-meter hole is currently being drilled which should allow the Council to feed into the irrigation system and could also be used for the living roof on the top of the View Bar & Restaurant and Pro Shop.  A water divining expert initially visited the site and advised of an area that should achieve a high yield of water, which has so far proved correct with initial tests now complete.


A representative of Seaford Town Council said “Currently, it costs around £6000 - £8000 per year to pay the water bill at the Golf Course, all paid for by users of the course. The introduction of a borehole is an exciting and environmentally friendly project which could help us become water self-sufficient at the golf course and greatly reduce costs. Using treated water is not environmentally friendly either, it takes a lot of energy to treat water and pump it to the golf course. This energy demand will all be reduced significantly”.

If successful and the water is of treatable drinking quality, then it could potentially be used at The View.  However, it would need to be used successfully on the golf course for a year before exploring this next phase.