Seaford Town Council support the Seaford town’s plastic free status as part of the declared climate emergency crisis facing the world.

Did you know? In, 2020 Seaford Town was awarded Plastic Free Community Status. This was due to a network of businesses, within Seaford town, including Seaford Town Council leading the way to tackle throw-away single use plastic.

What are single use plastic? Single-use plastics can include any disposable plastic item which are designed to be used only once e.g., plastic bags, disposable utensils, beverage containers, coffee capsules, wet wipes, razor blades, plastic drinks bottles, food wrappers, bottle tops, straws, stirrers, and plastic lids.


How can you help support Seaford to minimise use of single-use plastics?

Part of Seaford Town Council’s single use plastic policy is to share practice and information about plastic free initiatives, to residents and visitors through the Town Council’s social media and communication with steps that everyone can take, including the following;


  • Use re-usable bags wherever you go
  • Start using a reusable coffee cup
  • Use soap bars
  • Buy loose fruit & vegetables rather than pre-packed
  • Cut out frozen meals
  • Start using a reusable drink bottle
  • Shop at re-fillable shop outlets
  • Buy milk in glass bottles, that you can return
  • Grow your own
  • Carry lunches & snacks in reusable containers

Plastic Free Communities initiative is designed to unite and empower individuals, small businesses, local government, and community groups to reduce their collective plastic footprint and protect the environment together.

Please do use this information to help you make any up-and-coming future purchasing decisions.

For any further information please do visit;

tomato plants

Grow your own vegetables

glow sticks in the dark

Try not to buy single-use plastic products

coffee cups and plastic bottles

Use your own bottle or cup rather than single use