Seaford Town Council wanted to provide a further update.

We are lucky to live in a town where so many residents care deeply about where they live and what is best for our town. That community passion is a great asset and helps to make Seaford such a wonderful place to live.

In recent weeks, we have become aware that there is a great level of public interest in to whether the Football Club will be able to put up the fencing around their pitch, with strong views on both sides of this proposal.

We are also aware that signatures are currently being gathered on 2 petitions – one in favour and one against what the club are proposing.

In the light of this, we are re-scheduling the Town Council’s consideration of this matter from our Community Services Meeting on the 15th of September to our Full Council Meeting on the 29th of September at 7pm.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and speak at this meeting. If you wish to attend, please register a place at  Please note that anyone who registered to attend the meeting on the 15th will automatically be registered as attending on the 29th.

Finally, we wanted to say that we will not be making any more public statements on this issue before the meeting on the 29th. We also wanted to say that we are very aware of how strongly some people feel on this matter and we hope that all the discussions and messaging about this issue will be conducted in a spirit of mutual respect.

Seaford Town Council.


Please note there is a more up-to-date statement on the website dated 8th September 2022