Agendas & Minutes - May 2022 - May 2023

Full Council & Committee Meeting Timetable 2022 – 2023 LIVE VERSION

Meetings will be video recorded and uploaded to the Town Council’s YouTube channel.

The agenda for each meeting will set out details of the venue, how to attend and speak (if you wish to) and/or submit comments in writing.

The Town Council also shares its Guidance for Recording of Meetings for those meeting attendees that are looking to video or audio record any meetings.

From May 2022, signed original minutes are uploaded in a more accessible format – should you require minutes prior to this in a different format to the scanned PDF on the website, please contact us on

 Agenda PapersMinutes
Climate Change  
12 January 2023View AgendaView Minutes
27 October 2022View AgendaView Minutes
 Agenda PapersMinutes
Community Services  
2 March 2023View AgendaView Minutes
1 December 2022View AgendaView Minutes
15 September 2022 - MEETING POSTPONEDView Agenda
 Agenda PapersMinutes
Finance and General Purposes  
14 March 2023View AgendaView Minutes
20 December 2022View AgendaView Minutes
6 September 2022View AgendaView Minutes
28 June 2022View AgendaView Minutes
 Agenda PapersMinutes
Golf and The View  
28 February 2023View AgendaView Minutes
15 November 2022View AgendaView Minutes
30 August 2022View AgendaView Minutes
24 May 2022View AgendaView Minutes
 Agenda PapersMinutes
Personnel Committee  
10 January 2023View AgendaView Minutes
7 July 2022View AgendaView Minutes

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